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The Lindy Hop

Vernacular Jazz

Lindy Hop (often called under the umbrella term Swing Dance), is a partner dance originating in the late 1920s Jazz Era. In the most part developed in ballrooms across the USA - most notably The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York. It's popularity peaked in the mid-1940s and was featured often as a speciality act in many Hollywood movies such as Hellzapoppin'. Despite a musical shift after WW2, the Lindy Hop continued to be enjoyed socially throughout the US, UK and other countries. Notable dancers: George Snowdon, Norma Miller and Frankie Manning.

African American Vernacular Jazz or Solo or Authentic Jazz, as with most Jazz Dance forms, has its roots in the African dance diaspora. Generally associated with the Lindy Hop, possessing elements of the Charleston, it has taken on its own identity and widely practised today. AAVJ shows itself in House, Hip Hop and similar modern street dance forms. A great example can be seen in the music video That's It!. Notable dancers Katherine Dunham, Al Minns and Leon James, and Chazz Young.

cookie's jam

Cookie's Jam Productions came into existence in 2013 as a result of years of research in the global Lindy Hop scene to answer a need for grass roots level teaching. It is directed by Angela 'Cookie' Andrew who was mentored by the originators and who was fortunate be one of Frankie Manning's assistants for over 10 years.


A veteran on the London and international jazz dance scene, born and raised in Hackney, a background in youth and community work, experience in different dance styles and community settings. To find out more, check out Angela's website or read her blog

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